Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boy gets fucked throughout the life

Life is indeed cruel to men. When they are born their
mothers get compliments and flowers, when they get
married , their brides get presents and publicity
and when they die their wives get the sympathies
and the insurance money.
I sincerely believe that whosoever termed the fair sex as the weaker sex has done an unfair thing since the weaker sex is indeed the stronger sex because of the weakness of the stronger sex for the weaker sex.
The world is full of men who convert this weakness into a lifelong bondage, euphemistically called 'marriage'. Alas, they forget that as bachelors they were longingly looked upon by the weaker sex as 'a thing of beauty and BOY forever' and they roamed around like a rolling stone that gathers no boss.

But unwittingly, like fools, they rush into a venture where even angels fear to tread. They are perhaps too innocent to realise that marriage is the name of the game where the man loses his bachelor's degree and the woman gets her master's degree. But different bachelors have different compulsions to walk into this bondage. Sometimes stealing a kiss leads to life imprisonment. Some others walk into this trap after calculating that it is cheaper to marry a Girl and keep her home than not to marry and take her out.

But those who marry in haste repent in leisure also. It is true that marriages are made in heaven but when the couple join hands on the earth it becomes just another union that defies management. As the resonance of the wedding recedes into the background the notes of discord
start appearing and the 'better half' starts looking like the bitter half.
It does not take long for the man to wonder what happened to the girl he married and for the girl to wonder what happened to the man she didn't. But most often the discord happens on account of the average husband's ambition to be able to afford what his wife is spending. As
it always happens in such cases, the joint account is never over-drawn by the wife, it is always under-deposited by the husband.
The harmony arising out of love is the essence that sustains marital happiness. It has certain well defined secrets. To be happy with a man you must love him a little and understand him a lot. To be happy with a woman you have to love her a lot and understand her a little.

Every husband expects himself to be his wife's first love while every wife hopes herself to be her husband's last romance. In the ultimate analysis,however, marriage turns out to be a cafeteria: you choose what you like and pay for it later. What you pay and how much you pay depends upon your luck. For, it takes quite a bit of luck to make a wife out of a woman.

Remember! God created Woman after Man, and ever since then she has been
after man.


  1. itna kahan se dimaag lagaata hai
    thoda padhai bhi kar liya kar......

  2. absolutely awesome!! I really enjoyed reading it. I was funny.

  3. Love this post!
    Stuff to say though...
    You are 100% percent right when you say "To be happy with a man you must love him a little and understand him a lot and to be happy with a woman you need to love her a lot and understand her a little"
    It took me a long time to get this....but I finally did - because my husband was patient enough and loved me enough to spend years trying to explain it to me.
    In order for marriage to work - since (as you have said and is true) the man came first, he must roll with the punches and love his woman UNCONDITIONALLY while trying very, very hard to communicate himself effectively to her -
    And then the marriage will become a blessing.

  4. added link to my website because of cute quote


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